The Sacred Path of Yourself

The Perfection

I would like to act with perfection every time, but failed.
I wish I never regret, but error.
I never would like to stumble into a stone, but not always see right.
I would like to always give good advice, but I know that I do not know everything.
I would like to learn all the correct way, but not always hear law.
I would like to love everything, all the time, but not always with you.
I could find, as are many, many reasons to believe that my existence and my life is useless, I am a complete failure.

But ...

I could do anything wrong, but I often hit.
I could trip over the entire life at any moment, but I see the stones in which tripped and prevent the next fall.
I could say nonsense on top of nonsense, but I accept with humility, that sometimes can say something wise.
I could learn anything wrong, but many times, learn the correct way.
I would hate everything: my life, the world, my social condition, people who live ...
But I know that I am equal to everyone and that despite all my mistakes, though not accept all that the flow of life brings me, I always more reasons to love than to hate and that is what makes me move on, never giving up or lose the hope to be someone better than I was before.


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